A project I worked on with Julie Andreyev:

Wait explores the Artist’s relations with her canine collaborators Tom and Sugi. The objective of Wait is to create a moment of recognition as the observer-viewer interacts with a video representation of a canine. Methods of interactivity are examined through the use of video and an activated space. As a visitor enters the space, a video is automatically triggered from an archive of recorded video clips and is projected on the screen within the space. The life-size video shows a dog walking toward the visitor. If the visitor continues to stand in position, the dog will also stand and wait, observing the visitor. If the visitor turns to leave, the dog walks away. In Wait, human-companion species relations are brought to bear within this interactive engagement. The dog appears to be waiting for direction; looking directly at the visitor, a state of suspended agency is implied. Taking cues from the movements of the visitor, the dog points to the relationship of control between canines and humans. As the dog appears to wait (for instructions or movement, for example), tension is created. The dog’s potential agency is complicated by his reliance on the direction of the human who may be compelled to ask questions about their relationship to the dog: “What is the dog thinking?”; “Why is he waiting?” Wait seeks to indicate how states of consciousness are brought to bear in humans by the animal.


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