* A lot of this information is harvested from Wikipedia here and here.

This title refers firstly to a sound composition I prepared for the 4for8 Concert held at the TAI Studio at Media Lab Helsinki. My piece begins at the 7:03 mark of the miniatures audio available at the above link.

Another version of the sonification can be heard here:


The piece is a four minute sonification of the logistic map or logistic equation programmed in Csound. It uses the formula:

xn+1 = rxn(1-xn)

Over the course of the duration “r” increases from ≈ 2.99 to 3.99 exploring the bifurcation patterns and the fractal and chaotic nature of the output which look like this:

The sonification has been coded in Csound and can generate x(n+1) data in real time. When a spectrograph of the performed audio clearly revealed the bifurcation patterns expected it reinforced the accuracy of the sonification and suggested to me that a simultaneous visualization of the data could augment the experience. Here is the capture of the spectrograph of the audio output:

Spectrograph of logistic sonification

Next steps are to imbed the Csound code in an openFrameworks project and then use the data to both produce the audio and generate a viz. If the is sufficient horsepower then I would be interested in a 3d viz. Parameters for the data production and the audio realization as well as the viz are up for reconsideration as the initial format of 4 minutes duration and 8 channel output were tailored for the 4for8 concert.


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