A project I am working on with Julie Andreyev:

EPIC-Tom explores the physical engagement of the canine collaborator Tom, and a speculation on his emotional connection to everyday cognitive activities. Tom’s subjective experience is one of euphoria when engaged in ball-chasing. In EPIC-Tom, the dog’s rendered physicality is accompanied by real-time generative animations representing his state of mind; as Tom travels through space seeking the ball his environment takes on imaginative characteristics, ever changing and evolving. As an exhibition installation, the software generates infinite patterns of Tom’s depicted environment, and soundscape for the duration of the exhibition.

EPIC-Tom was created through the use of motion capture and animation technologies that allow for Tom to participate in the content creation, and Cycling 74 Max/MSP for the generative animation aspects.

Production Team:
Animations and rendering: Jay White
Generative animations and software: Simon Lysander Overstall
Motion capture: Richard Overington
Motion capture canine suits: Hyuma Frankowski
Canine collaborators: Tom and Sugi
Research Assistant: Maksim Bentsianov


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